CEVA Logistics opens multi-client, carbon-neutral warehouse in Colombia


CEVA Logistics opened a new multi-client, 15,000 sq m warehouse in Bogota, Colombia, allowing the company to better serve the strategic growth needs of its customers in South and Latin America.

The new facility is first carbon neutral CEVA warehouse in the country and consolidates the operations of three other former sites in Colombia, while also adding space for new customers. The new site employs 150 CEVA team members in a range of roles.

In keeping with CEVA’s core principles of environmental stewardship and technological leadership, the new warehouse was designed to meet growing customer demand for both innovation and sustainability. Carbon-neutral, the facility has earned EDGE certification for its use of energy and water saving initiatives, including water recycling, solar panels, and photocatalytic paint, as well as its broader recycling initiatives.

The Bogota facility will serve existing technology, industrial and automotive clients, who have shifted from other CEVA operations in Colombia. The new warehouse also serves several new customers, including a new automaker, whose spare parts operation will occupy roughly one-third of the total space.

In addition to its sustainability measures, the Bogota warehouse will employ advanced security measures, as well as leading-edge software, workflow, and picking and sorting technologies to ensure safety, speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The facility also positions CEVA for future growth in a thriving region.

“Our commitment to responsive logistics extends to our facilities. This new site will serve numerous customers, allowing us to generate value in their supply chain through the highest operational standards, all while minimizing our impact and footprint through carbon-neutral operations.” says Mauricio Galindo, Managing Director for Colombia and Ecuador, CEVA Logistics.

Source: CEVA Logistics