Ti adds logistics provider search and selection platform to its portfolio of subscription based products

Ti announced yesterday (2nd April 2020) the launch of its new Supply Chain Leaders platform, designed to speed up the RFQ process for selecting European logistics providers with an easy search tool, company rankings, service portfolios and contact details.

Supply Chain Leaders is a platform designed to help anyone purchasing logistics services to find the right provider, quickly and easily with assurance of the data being from a trusted and reliable source. For Ti, this is the culmination of 12 months’ research and development.

‘We have spent the last two decades researching and analysing the global logistics industry and have seen first-hand the time consuming and risky process companies go through when choosing which provider to work with. Supply Chain Leaders www.supplychainleaders.com brings together the expertise of Ti’s team in shaping essential search criteria to create focussed lists of 10 – 20 matching providers, making it simple, quick and easy to use, saving companies time and money,’ said Michael Clover, Head of Commercial Development, Ti.

Ti works with hundreds of 3PLs in order to track their capabilities, strategies and performance. Now Ti has used its experience to help shippers find their ideal European logistics partner. The service capabilities and scale in Supply Chain Leaders has been collated by Ti’s research teams and passes through a rigorous draft and review process before being uploaded to the database.

The software development of SCL was developed primarily by Sourceree, a cutting-edge technology company based in the United States.  Sourceree has nearly 10 years of experience in supporting government and commercial enterprises with various services such as Supply Chain Intelligence, Systems Engineering, Software Development, Cyber Security, Intelligence Analysis, and Program Management support.

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Source: Transport Intelligence, April 2, 2020

Author: Transport Intelligence