The Ti Blog: Missed our e-commerce Twitter chat?

Following the 2016 publication of Ti’s annual Global e-commerce Logistics report, Lilith Nagorski (Head of Research) and David Buckby (Economist) took to Twitter to answer a range of e-commerce questions provided by our subscribers.

Over the course of an hour on Friday afternoon (4th March 2016) Lilith and David, who were instrumental in the creation of the Global e-commerce Logistics 2016 report, answered a plethora of questions from developing consumer behaviours and the market’s big hitters to retailer strategies and supply chain risk.

The rapid development of the market and the way LSPs and retailers have responded emerged as one of the biggest trends during Friday’s conversation. The complete dominance of Amazon on shaping consumer behaviour and the way in which LSPs have been forced to adapt was also highlighted as a key issue in both the Twitter chat and the Global e-commerce Logistics 2016 report. From its inception as an online book retailer, to being the world’s biggest e-commerce company, Amazon’s influence and control over the sector has been almost absolute. LSPs have profited from aligning themselves with the e-commerce giant’s rapid growth. However, as both Amazon and customers evolve, LSPs risk being left on the shelf.

In order to find an edge in an increasingly crowded market place, the role of technology will continue to hold significant sway. New ways for consumers to track and interact with deliveries, an increase in omni-channel adoption amongst retailers, the growth of wearable warehouse technology and growing fears about cyber-attacks are just a few of the ways in which technology will change the landscape of the sector dramatically in the next few years. Those LSPs who are able to work with retailers to create the most efficient and cost effective services will be the ones who prosper. Others will find themselves shelved.

You can access an overview of the Twitter Chat here: Global e-commerce Logistics 2016

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Source: Transport Intelligence, 9th March 2016

Author: Holly Francis