Brandit partners with Forto to implement digital and sustainable logistics

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Forto, a European digital freight forwarder, has announces that Brandit, a Business to Business fashion wholesaler, has chosen Forto to digitize its supply chain and make it more sustainable.

Brandit signs a 3 year agreement with Forto including flexible rates 

This is the first time that Brandit has signed a three year contract with Forto to transport containers from China to Germany, including sea freight and off-carriage by train and truck. Recently, Forto has revised its commercial terms and agreed to update its rates every month on the basis of the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index. 

“What we have with Forto is a true partnership: we have each other’s interest at heart. We adapt to new circumstances together and we co-develop solutions to common problems. Forto’s staff has been going out of its way again and again to help us achieve our objectives. Commercial conditions are one thing. What is even more impressive is the comprehensive support we get from the team on a daily basis: Forto has helped us resolve problems with shipments we had not even contracted with them,” said Marco Hackstein, Chief Operating Officer at Brandit.

Brandit automates logistics processes with Forto’s Moments of Truth 

Brandit is one of 30 businesses that co-developed Forto’s Moments of Truth, a new customer functionality that delivers transport visibility at key moments of the shipment lifecycle to empower businesses to mitigate the consequences of disruptions.

Brandit has helped Forto to identify three milestones about which they now receive timely information through the notification center. 

  1. Cargo Ready Date – will the cargo be ready for the planned transport? 
  2. Rolled Cargo – will the container make it onto the vessel? 
  3. Main Carriage – will the main carriage depart and arrive on time?

“Brandit has been growing significantly in the past few years and one of our challenges is to set up processes to manage this growth. Gaining full visibility on our supply chain and using technology to automate decision making are therefore priorities for us. By helping Forto develop its Moments of Truth, we are helping ourselves. Forto’s MoTs facilitate supplier communication and performance measurement. The Main Carriage notifications specifically help us plan our import volumes. We are enjoying the control we have over our shipments now that we know their status at every milestone of the journey and we look forward to benefiting from the actionability and predictability features that will soon be launched,” said Marco Hackstein, Chief Operating Officer at Brandit. 

Sustainability offering as a key differentiator

Brandit has been offsetting its transport emissions with Forto since 2021. In Q4 2022 alone, Brandit compensated 260 tonnes of CO2. For each shipment, Forto’s platform shows the emissions for each step of the transport including on-, off- and main carriage and for all transport modes. All reported emissions reflect well-to-wake (WTW) emissions – so that emissions from origin to combustion of the fuel are taken into account. The calculation methodology is compliant with the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework [GLEC 2019],  DIN EN 16258 and ISO 14083 standards. 

“Brandit stands for long-lasting outdoor wear. It is important to not only manufacture products that are sustainable in that they last for a long time and can be recycled, it is also key to apply this philosophy to all our processes. With Forto, it is easy to report on our transport carbon footprint and to implement climate neutral logistics. Predictability, profitability and sustainability are the key priorities for Brandit and Forto is helping us deliver on each of them,” said Marco Hackstein, Chief Operating Officer at Brandit. 

Source: Forto