Bolloré Logistics introduces hydrogen trucks in China

Bolloré Logistics in China has leaped forward in sustainable transportation, introducing a hydrogen truck for in-city shuttle services and electric trucks for line-haul deliveries. This move aligns with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program “Powering Sustainable Logistics” and its long-standing commitment to environmental responsibility.

The new hydrogen truck has been seamlessly integrated into our operations, primarily serving the shuttle transportation of luxury fashion products between Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) and the local distribution center of a renowned luxury brand.

This truck offers remarkable environmental benefits, with a Tank to Wheel (TTW) emissions factor of zero. This compares favorably with traditional diesel trucks, resulting in significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, NOx and SOx emissions, and other pollutants. Furthermore, with long range of 200 km on a single fill, the truck enables extensive in-city shuttle services without frequent refills, thus enhancing its operational efficiency.

Alongside hydrogen truck, Bolloré Logistics China has also explored the use of electric trucks for line-haul deliveries. This initiative involves picking up goods from the local distribution center in Shanghai, transferring them to hubs in Hangzhou or Ningbo for sorting, and ultimately delivering the products to retail stores in Hangzhou or Ningbo. With this initiative, a full green logistics solution for last-mile delivery is being implemented.

The introduction of these eco-friendly vehicles underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible practices and marks a pivotal moment in its journey towards a more sustainable future.

Source: Bolloré Logistics