Bolloré Logistics Improves Finished Cars Export

Bolloré Logistics has carried out trials in Chennai, India, for finished cars export, revolutionizing the conventional RORO method with a containerized solution that integrates efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

This unique proposition involves the utilization of reusable stacks designed to facilitate loading and stuffing inside containers, ensuring zero damage to the finished cars. The modular structure of these stacks not only allows for easy storage handling but also provides flexibility, adaptability, and scalability in the export process. This means stuffing can be efficiently managed inside warehouses or open yards with minimal assistance streamlining the logistics workflow.

The reusable stacks offer a cost-effective and efficient model, with the capability to transport four cars in a single container. This not only maximizes container space but also enhances the overall cost efficiency of the export process. The adaptability of this solution allows businesses to choose the most suitable mode of stuffing.

The innovation extends further as Bolloré Logistics manages the entire supply chain, offering end–to–end solutions, including reverse logistics managed with Recycle SOLUTION. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless process from initial loading to the delivery at the customer site.

“In a so constrained logistics world and facing the global shortage of RORO and container means, we believe in this agile and easily accessible solution wherever it may be. The quality of service provided ensures our clients a damage-free product delivery, significant cost savings per CBU compared to a traditional CIC system, and a reduced environmental impact.” highlights Olivier de CLERCK, Global Head Automotive & Mobility at Bolloré Logistics.

Source: Bolloré Logistics