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Recent briefs by Kirsty:

Made in policies: The language of supply chain diplomacy

We catch-up with Prof. John Manners-Bell about global Made in Policies, the shift away from China and the language of supply chain diplomacy. In this first interview – part one – we explore the reasons behind the new supply chain vocabulary which politicians are developing.

HS2 Birmingham to Manchester route axed

Last week UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed the HS2 high speed rail route between Manchester and Birmingham would not go-ahead. The decision has frustrated businesses and infuriated Northern Mayors and residents, jilted by the cancelled route.

Why is road freight recovery weak?

The most important finding in the European Road Freight Report 2023 is that growth in the market has slowed down significantly. The market moderation we’ve seen in the second half of 2022 has spilled over into 2023, and as a result, the European road freight market is projected to lose speed this year and expand by only 1.4% in real terms.

What is ‘advanced’ robotics & automation?

Many of the startups in the sector have matured and become far more reliable. In the early days (about five years ago) there was a lot of talk about batteries overheating. But we haven’t heard of this recently. If we can say that this maturity and reliability is a new level of ‘advanced Robotics and Automation,’ then that’s a good thing.

The democratisation of technology

The benefits of sophisticated supply chain technology no longer sits with big corporates alone. In this interview, Ti Insight’s founder Professor John Manners-Bell and Tech expert Ken Lyon, discuss what it means for the sector and society.