Aramex successfully tests drone delivery in Oman


Aramex announced that it had completed its “Future Delivery Program” pilot phase in Muscat, Oman. The test flights were conducted in partnership with USA-based UVL Robotics.

The drone testing is part of Aramex’s “Future Delivery Program” aimed at leveraging the next generation of last-mile delivery solutions, including drones and autonomous vehicles, to boost delivery efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and generate cost savings in last-mile delivery. In addition, the usage of drones is in line with

Aramex’s commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), as it yields environmental benefits, including a reduction in carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

This test is the first multi-phase program as Aramex embarks on its vision to fully transition its fleet to emission-free electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The pilot focused primarily on testing a fully autonomous drone to deliver parcels safely and efficiently across various terrains, distances, and weather conditions in Muscat.

Aramex plans to expand its drone delivery testing across the Middle East region and other core markets where it operates. To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, the Company intends to test a multi-modal approach that combines drones and other electric and autonomous vehicles for last-mile deliveries.

Source: Aramex