APL extends insurance options around cargo-in-transit risks

Container shipping line APL has launched a new suite of insurance services covering various cargo-in-transit risks.

In partnership with one of the largest marine insurance providers globally, APL will offer options ranging from “Total Cover” (maximum protection) to “Main Cover” (protection against ‘major events’) to “Customised Cover” (bespoke solutions).

For temperature controlled products, APL is offering its “SMARTcool Assured” service, whereby expenses for a second cold treatment process and/or costs involved in re-routing a SMARTcool shipment to its importing market are covered in the event that the shipment does not clear phytosanitary inspection at the importing country. 

APL Chief Commercial Officer, Thomas Cassuto, said: “APL Cargo Assurance extends our range of value-added services through our one-stop shop. While we practise precise cargo handling, APL Cargo Assurance serves to help our shippers manage their cargo liability exposure to the perils of sea voyage. In offering APL Cargo Assurance, we make it convenient for our shippers to enjoy a greater peace of mind, knowing that they are well-covered by the most befitting protection plan for their shipments with APL.”

Source: APL