A Growing Emphasis on Sustainability for Bolloré Logistics Pacific

Bolloré Logistics

Recently, Bolloré Logistics Australia attended the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FACCI) 2023 Sustainability Forum, sponsored by Schneider Electric. 77 companies were represented in attendance, with the primary focus of exploring how sustainability initiatives can drive business success and lead change towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible business landscape.

As part of the forum, various representatives partook in a ‘Climate Fresk Workshop’ which aims to empower both the company’s team and customers to take tangible steps toward sustainability. This collaborative workshop dives into the fundamental science of climate change, equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to initiate meaningful change.

Bolloré Logistics was represented by Adele Planchat, recently appointed Sustainability Officer for the Pacific region. Her appointment is an exciting milestone for the Pacific region’s commitment to sustainability, as the company continues to strive towards supporting organizations in reducing their carbon footprint, particularly in Scope 3 emissions which primarily stem from transport services.

“With Adele’s passion for environmental conservation and her experience in driving sustainable business development, I am confident that she will contribute to the carbon reduction efforts of both Bolloré Logistics and our customers,” said Katharina Baudouin-Goerlitz, Head of Sustainability of Bolloré Logistics Asia Pacific. Adele joins a team of passionate experts within the organization to further speed up decarbonization efforts and cater to the growing need for sustainable supply chain solutions for the company’s customers.

Through Bolloré Logistics’ global corporate social responsibility program ‘Powering Sustainable Logistics’, the company has committed to reducing Scope 3 emissions by 22% by 2030 (base year 2022). Progress made for achieving decarbonization as well as other targets the company has set itself is published in its CSR report.

Source: Bolloré Logistics