Wincanton Secures Five-Year Contract to Manage Marshall National Transport Network

Wincanton wins new contract

In a move that marks a significant milestone for both companies, Wincanton, a leading UK supply chain partner, has secured a new five-year contract with Marshalls, the country’s foremost manufacturer of solutions for the built environment.

This partnership involves Wincanton taking over a substantial portion of Marshalls’ national transport network, overseeing the movement of over 3.5 million tonnes of products annually. Notably, Wincanton will now manage and operate the entire Marshalls Landscape Products fleet, with additional responsibility for overseeing Marshalls Landscape Products and Brick & Masonry subcontractors.

However, certain operations, including Mortars & Screeds, Civils & Drainage, Landscape Protection, and yard operations, will remain under Marshalls’ in-house management. This strategic decision aims to leverage the strengths of both companies effectively.

A key highlight of the collaboration is the integration of EyeQ, Wincanton’s flagship digital transport platform. This technology will provide a data-led solution, offering a fully managed transport service irrespective of vehicle ownership. The enhanced optimization, visibility, and reporting capabilities of EyeQ are expected to yield improved cost and sustainability outcomes for Marshalls.

The partnership extends beyond Marshalls, aligning with Wincanton’s existing contract with Marley Roofing Products, a specialist division of Marshalls. This move consolidates the national transport network under a unified framework, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

As part of the collaboration, up to 300 colleagues from Marshalls will join Wincanton’s team, contributing to the company’s workforce of over 20,300 colleagues. The phased migration of Marshalls sites to Wincanton is scheduled to take place in the coming months.

This collaboration not only signifies a major business move for both companies but also underscores the commitment to technological innovation and sustainability within the supply chain industry.

Source: Wincanton