Supply Chain Leaders (SCL) is an interactive search tool, created by Ti to help businesses outsourcing their logistics operations find their perfect 3PL partner in Europe.

The video below demonstrates how Supply Chain Leaders will find a 3PL provider matching your requirements in minutes:


The 3PL search tool enables European shippers to generate a longlist of 3PLs that match their requirements instantly:

  • Save weeks of research for your procurement team when longlisting companies to invite to tender
  • Find the ideal partner which matches your exact service requirements
  • Guarantee that all relevant 3PLs are included in your longlist
  • Instantly get the contacts you need for an RFI or RFQ
  • Move on to the RFQ stage weeks ahead of schedule

How will SCL help my business?

Choosing the right logistics provider for your business can be a confusing and risky business. With more and more companies offering complete supply chain solutions all across the globe with all sorts of extra benefits, how do you know which will really be able to handle your requirements and deliver on time, in a cost effective way?

What makes SCL so easy to use

Our easy to use search allows you to simply work through the criteria to match your requirements – producing a list of companies that you can then review in detail. The weeks of research normally required to create an exhaustive long list of potential 3PL partners can be saved by using SCL

How do I know the information is reliable and trustworthy?

Access the most extensive database of logistics provider profiles available in the market, compiled by the leading logistics and supply chain analysts, Ti. Ti has worked with hundreds of 3PLs since 2002 in order to track their capabilities, strategies and performance. Now Ti has used its experience to help shippers find their ideal 3PL partner. The service capabilities and scale in Supply Chain Leaders has been collated by Ti’s research teams and passes through a rigorous draft and review process before being uploaded to the database.


Supply Chain Leaders provides you 3 license options so you can access what you need

There are 3 license options to choose from – depending on your business requirement. Annual subscriptions can be paid monthly.

Pro: €80 per month Business: €120 per month  Enterprise: €200 per month