What’s new in Global Logistics Mergers & Acquisitions?

What’s new in Global Logistics Mergers & Acquisitions?

Ti Insight and Logisyn Advisors partner to deliver monthly news report: Global Logistics M&A Recap.

Ti Insight and Logisyn Advisors have joined forces to bring crucial logistics insight – combining industry expertise and market analysis – in a new monthly newsletter Global Logistics M&A Recap, due to launch September 2023.

Ti and Logisyn have a long-standing relationships and have collaborated on previous whitepapers, including Freight Forwarding Software Market Map 2021 and Building Freight Forwarding Software Capability for the Future.

Both companies look forward to formalising this partnership and believe the combined knowledge and tools will bring a fresh perspective to global audiences.

The newsletters will be written in partnership by Logisyn Advisors and Ti Insight’s industry researchers, analysts and associates, and will utilise data from the Ti Insight GSCI knowledge portal, a data powerhouse with over 1million pieces of data and analysis.

The first monthly Global Logistics M&A Recap will launch in September 2023 and will include:

– Monthly Acquisitions Charted by Continent

– Market Analysis for Logistics Service Providers

– Market Analysis for Logistics Software & Related Services

– Market Analysis for Prominent Other Sectors Across the Logistics Industry

– All Monthly Industry Acquisitions and Rationale

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