Visibility: the secret to a successful freight forwarder?


Visibility: the secret to a successful freight forwarder?

  • The advent of cloud-based instant quotation and booking systems, such as Freightos and Cargobase, has led some to question the utility of traditional freight forwarders.
  • There is potential to see an industry-wide decoupling between these data-unified freight forwarders and the less profitable data-fragmented ones.
  • Cross-border B2C e-commerce represents both an opportunity and a major threat for freight forwarders, with a new generation of providers entering the market.

23rd June 2016, Bath, UK: Ti is pleased to announce that the latest edition of its best-selling report, Global Freight Forwarding, is now available to purchase. As with previous years, the report provides industry leading analysis of global, regional and country level freight forwarding markets as well as detailed analysis of the financial and volume performance of the most significant players. In addition, the report also contains comprehensive profiles of the top 15 freight forwarders.

These profiles include analysis of the company’s background, finances and technological capabilities, as well as a strategic profile and SWOT analysis. Combined, this analysis and information enables the reader to identify the competitive advantages of the most successful providers as well as learn more about their structure and position within the market.

The freight forwarding activities of DSV have been profiled by Ti within the report. Its acquisition of UTi has propelled the business upwards within each of the five top 20 rankings available in the report: Top 20 freight forwarders by revenue, top 20 air freight forwarders by revenue and tonnage, and top 20 sea freight forwarders by revenue and TEUs.

Given the company’s acquisitions activity over the past three years, which have brought the operations of SBS Worldwide, Airmar Cargo, Swift, and most significantly, UTi under its control, there is huge opportunity for the company. Conversely, however, this could be a threat. UTi spend millions of dollars and many years in an attempt to connect its internal systems, and now DSV faces the challenge of linking this architecture with its own systems. This could cause the company to struggle to fully leverage its size and buying power as a freight forwarder, as coordinating its varied businesses may present difficulties.

It is little surprise then that consolidation, in particular of IT capabilities, forms a key part of DSV’s strategy. This is an increasingly common theme between the strategies of the leading freight forwarders. Kuehne + Nagel, for example, developed their own online system, launching KN FreightNet to support its air freight operations. Such an example is far from typical however, many other forwarders have elected to merely licence this technology from the SaaS platforms, such as CargoSphere and Freightos.

Within Global Freight Forwarding, Ti has analysed the technology that both supports and disrupts the industry. It answers questions such as: What are the technologies changing the industry? What does this mean for freight forwarders? What are the real threats for industry incumbents?

When asked why Ti has focussed on the technology of the freight forwarding industry within this report, Ti Analyst, Alex Le Roy, explained, “At a time when prominent industry leaders have struggled to implement organisation-unifying IT architecture, it is clear that software must be placed at the very heart of the logistics enterprise in order to succeed going forward.”

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