Is your e-commerce logistics provider fulfilling your needs?

e-commerce logistics can make or break e-retail opportunities. While the online shopping boom presents tremendous opportunities for retailers, it has introduced far more risk and complexity for logistics managers. 

How do retailers and logistics companies deal with the spike in e-commerce and the demand for speed and convenience? To get an answer to this question, Ti is running a survey designed to get the view of shippers and logistics professionals on this matter and gives them an opportunity to share their experience with last-mile logistics and e-fulfilment. 

The survey is asking what the biggest e-commerce logistics headaches are for both retailers and logistics companies as well as what solutions, if any, they have in place to make those headaches go away. Currently in the midst of a seasonal and promotional peak, it is likely that logistics executives will have fresh memories of quite a few headaches. The survey therefore is asking what are the most widely used measures among retailers and LSPs to accommodate the ebb and flow of peak holiday season volume.

Reducing logistic costs is often a significant priority for companies and this is why the survey delves into this topic, enquiring about the factors that drive logistics cost up and more importantly about the strategies logistics executives have in place to keep these costs down.

Retailers and manufacturers will also have the opportunity to rate their logistics providers on a number of features, which should allow us to identify the best and worst industry performers in each category, including delivery reliability, speed, customer service etc.

The survey also examines the current status and future prospects of retailers’ usage of external logistics services, the answers to which will help us assess how the outsourcing habits of retailers will change moving forward. Is the use of 3PLs contributing towards logistics cost reductions and improved customer service? Retailers’ experiences on this matter will shape their answers to this question and ultimately provide a glimpse into how retailers’ attitude towards outsourcing of last-mile and e-fulfilment might change in the next few years.

Worldwide retail e-commerce makes up around 10% of total retail sales, with this share predicted to surpass 16% by 2021, according to the market research company eMarketer. This boom will cause even more headaches for logistics executives. This is why it is important to gain a better understanding of the challenges in last-mile and fulfilment operations and of the growth avenues logistics professionals are considering. We therefore invite you to take part in this study and contribute your own experiences and thoughts about e-commerce logistics.   

Take part in the e-commerce survey 



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