DB Schenker Logistics combines four European management regions into one

DB Schenker Logistics has announced the intention to reorganise the company’s European business and amalgamate four management regions into one. With effect from January 1, 2016, “Region Europe” is expected to become the largest business unit of the DB logistics subsidiary, employing roughly 40,000 of the group’s total 65,000 employees. The 36 European national organisations are expected to be allocated to ten country clusters. Chief Executive Officer of the new Region Europe is to be Ewald Kaiser, who is expected to remain the Management Board member of Schenker AG responsible for land transport.

Jochen Thewes, Chairman of the Management Board of Schenker AG said, “Our new structure in Europe will make DB Schenker Logistics more powerful and faster when it comes to making and implementing decisions. In these days of digitalization and globalization, this is a vital requirement.” Adding “Especially among global customers, there is strong demand to have access to Europe as one single area without borders. This is reflected in the new structure. Simpler and shorter decision-making processes will make it easier to come up with integrated logistics solutions which are geared specifically to the customer’s requirements and to implement them quickly.”

The ten country clusters in Region Europe are expected to be:

1) Germany and Switzerland
2) Nordics: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark
3) France and Morocco
4) Southeast: Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia Hercegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkey
5) Poland and Eastern Europe: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus
6) Benelux: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
7) Italy
8) UK and Ireland
9) Iberia: Spain, Portugal
10) Russia