Yusen Logistics opens global pharma air freight gateway at Amsterdam Schiphol

Yusen Logistics announced the opening of its dedicated Pharma Gateway at Amsterdam Schiphol airport consisting of 1,200 sq m warehouse, full temperature control 15-25°C (ambient), pest contract, separation pharma/general cargo and a cold store unit consisting of 45 pallet positions.

Mr Kuramoto President of Yusen Logistics commented, “This opening represents the next step in the realization of our global healthcare strategy, with this strategic European operation at its very heart. Yusen Logistics Europe is playing an outstanding and important role in leading our global business in this sector.”

Bart Pouwels, Director Business Development Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Cargo commented, “We welcome the opening of this new GDP pharma facility at Schiphol, which will form the heart of Yusen’s global pharma distribution system. We are delighted that they have added to Schiphol’s collective pharma capability with this significant investment, and that they have identified the strong advantages of Schiphol as the ideal location for their hub.”

The operation links Yusen Logistics’ Antwerp import/export consolidation centre and European central warehouse (EDC) with its Schiphol Air operations, managed from a single Control Tower manned by a UK-based international team linked to Yusen Logistics’ offices around the world.

The European Pharmaceutical Superhighway is already contracted to carry over 1.6 million pallets this year, providing shared and single use solutions to supply chain requirements for customers.

The service is dedicated solely to the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, with over 50,000 delivery points in Europe alone. Yusen is currently making 20,000 deliveries per week across 36 countries.

Main destinations for Yusen Logistics’ Pharmaceutical Airfreight shipments from Amsterdam are expected to include JFK, US; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Toronto, Canada; Santiago de Chile, Chile; Japan; Korea; Manila, the Philippines and Sydney, Australia.