CIMC and Globe Tracker push commercial roll out of smart technology for the Silk Road

CIMC Internet of Mobile Things International Operation and Service Co., Ltd. (CIMC IOMT), and Globe Tracker International ApSA announced a commercial roll out of Smart Containers, Smart Logistics and Smart Terminal products for China’s Silk Road

CIMC IOMT is a subsidiary of the CIMC Intelligent Technology Company, Ltd., which in turn is a subsidiary of China International Marine Container Company Ltd (CIMC). It develops and deploys intelligent technologies integrated into the parent company’s products.

Globe Tracker International ApSA is a privately held Danish company providing data sharing, data analytics, and global asset tracking and monitoring services and equipment.

Following the formation of their partnership in 2014 CIMC IOMT and Globe Tracker International plan to produce smart containers for CIMC’s Yangzhou Tonglee Special Container, Qingdao CIMC Special Reefer Co. Ltd and Nantong CIMC Transportation and Storage co, Ltd.

CIMC plans to deploy smart products on containers, trucks, truck trailers, railway cars, as well as inland and marine wireless terminal infrastructure and other products that will benefit from global tracking, monitoring and remote asset management services. In this collaboration with Globe Tracker, CIMC IOMT plan to introduce hardware technology and system platform service to the market under the CIMC brand.