JD.com launches imported goods platform Japanese Mall

JD.com, a Chinese e-commerce company, has announced the launch of Japanese Mall. The sales channel is hosted on the company’s JD Worldwide cross-border platform and will be dedicated exclusively to sales of authentic imported Japanese products.

“Our new Japanese Mall provides Chinese consumers with a trusted source for buying imported Japanese products,” said JD Mall CEO, Haoyu Shen. “Japanese Mall will give more Japanese brands greater exposure to China’s rapidly growing demand for imported goods, and will further solidify JD.com’s reputation as China’s online leader for guaranteed authentic products.”

JD is working to simplify cross-border transactions by providing recommendations on operational and international logistics partners that Japanese businesses can use to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of selling through the JD Worldwide platform.

Japanese Mall will provide Japanese products in a wide range of categories including items for maternity, babies, food, personal care, cosmetics, apparel, luggage, home decoration, electronics and home appliances from popular Japanese brands.