TNT opens new air route to Malta

TNT has announced the launch of a new air route between its main European air hub in Liege, Belgium, and Malta. The route aims to take advantage of growing trade with and investment in Malta.

The service is designed to offer shorter transit times for economy consignments, later departure times for exports, earlier arrival times for imports, and the ability to send larger and heavier consignments.

The flight will run five times a week on a Boeing 737-400 aircraft, with a stopover in Marseilles on both outbound and inbound journeys. The flight arrives at Malta International Airport in the morning and departs in the evening, allowing for afternoon pickup in Malta and next day delivery to all of Europe.

“The addition of Malta to our European air network increases the choice and flexibility of delivery options for businesses that send parcels and freight to and from the country. It also gives us the capacity to further grow our business in and out of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean,” said Ian Clough, Managing Director International Europe.