Whistl suspends UK final mile delivery services

Whistl, a provider of postal logistics in the UK formerly known as TNT Post, has suspended its final mile delivery services in the UK and is consulting with 2,000 employees on redundancy.

The move follows a decision by LDC, part of Llyod’s banking group, not to provide further funds to invest in the rollout of end to end services for postal deliveries in the UK. Following that decision Whistl stated that it has “commenced an extensive review of the viability and potential for the rollout of an E2E postal delivery service in the UK”.

An LDC spokesperson said, “LDC has confirmed that discussions to establish a joint venture with PostNL to roll out its end-to-end (E2E) postal delivery service in the UK have now concluded and will not progress to completion. LDC has decided to withdraw from the discussions due to ongoing changes in UK postal market dynamics and the complexity of the regulatory landscape.”

During the period of review the company’s end to end service has been suspended along with 2,000 members of staff in London, Liverpool and Manchester. While the review is taking place the deliveries normally handled by Whstil will be conducted by Royal Mail.