Norbert Dentressangle launches time critical services

The Air and Sea division of Norbert Dentressangle has launched a range of time critical services, offering tailor-made solutions for urgent and specialist deliveries to companies in a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, fashion and life sciences.

Norbert Dentressangle has recruited Stacy Rouillon to head up the new business unit and lead a dedicated team of specialists to deliver and develop Norbert Dentressangle’s time critical services.

These include secure critical services such as on-board courier, chartered aircraft and secure container, for confidential, valuable or sensitive items. The company also offers air critical services for urgent shipments.

In all cases, services are available around the clock and shipments are picked up within 60 minutes of booking confirmation. Norbert Dentressangle also offers real-time tracking and reporting, specially trained staff and a dedicated point of contact, supporting a complete chain of custody for every shipment. The company can also arrange customs clearance at both origin and destination if required.

Stacy Rouillon said, “At some point, almost all supply chains rely on time critical services – whether it be to avoid a costly production line stoppage or in the life sciences sector where it can genuinely be a matter of life or death.”