Yusen Logistics (Lao) partners with Lao Coffee Association

yusen Altbach

Yusen Logistics Lao (YLLA) and the Lao Coffee Association (LCA) have signed a logistics partnership agreement to raise awareness of Laos coffee in the global market, increase demand for the product and contribute to the development of Laos economy.

The coffee industry in Laos is under the control of the government, and the export of the product requires the permission of the LCA. The association acts as a stakeholder both at national and international level and promotes the export of Laos coffee.

Yusen Logistics established YLLA in December 2018, with networks in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, and in the economic zones around Mekong. YLLA has been working with local coffee producers and also established a joint venture with Sinouk Coffee in Laos. Together with the LCA, it hopes to raise awareness of Laos coffee at a global level.

Source: Yusen Logistics