XPO unveils LNG truck fleet at opening of Bondoufle branch

XPO Logistics has opened its pallet distribution hub at Bondoufle and unveiled a fleet of Stralis Euro VI Natural Power trucks purchased from Industrial Vehicles Corporation (Iveco). The vehicles, which run on liquefied natural gas (LNG/CNG), comprise one of the largest gas-powered truck fleets in France.

XPO Logistics took possession of 31 Stralis tractors from Iveco at the Bondoufle launch, expanding its fleet of five gas-powered tractors already in use in France. The Stralis tractors generate 96% less fine particle emissions and 70% less NO2 emissions than the limits permitted by the Euro VI standard. In the future, the company plans to operate Bondoufle exclusively with gas-powered tractors and straight trucks, and expects to introduce gas-powered tractors in other branches as well.

As a central hub in XPO Logistics’ distribution network in France, the Bondoufle branch will dispatch pallet deliveries to central Paris and the southern Ile-de-France region, and will collect pallets from the region destined for shipment throughout France.

Luis Angel Gomez, XPO Logistics’ Managing Director, transport solutions for Europe said, “The Bondoufle fleet investment is further proof of our focus on reducing our carbon footprint. In addition to serving customers with the largest fleet in Europe, we now offer the cleanest fleet of heavy goods vehicles in the market. This is another significant step forward in our environmental commitment, following our inland water transport solution through the Seine and our intermodal solution in connection with the Chapelle International project: a combination of urban rail shuttle service and gas-powered road transport that will deliver goods to central Paris.”

Source: XPO Logistics