XPO Logistics introduces mega-truck service in Portugal

XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics has announced the launch of its new “mega-truck” service in Portugal, following approval by the Instituto da Mobilidad e dos Transportes. XPO’s mega-truck will make dedicated deliveries for the Portuguese beverage company Sociedade Central de Cervejas from its brewery in Vialonga and its collection and bottling site for Luso water, in Vacariça, to its customers located in the areas of Porto, Azambuja and the Algarve.

XPO’s new EMS vehicle in Portugal has a length of 25.25m and hold a maximum load of 60 tonnes. Mega-trucks are estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20% due to transport efficiencies, including greater load capacity per trip and fuel savings.

Massimo Marsili, Managing Director of Transport, Spain, Portugal and Morocco for XPO Logistics, said: “After the successful launch of our mega-trucks in Spain, we can now help our Portuguese customers reach their environmental objectives with the same efficiency. We’re keen to continue investing in innovative solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of our transport operations.”

XPO has a total of 15 mega-trucks in its transport fleet in Spain and plans to increase the number of mega-truck routes in Spain and Portugal in 2019.

Source: XPO Logistics