XPO Logistics awarded reverse logistics and maintenance contract with Aldi

Supermarket chain Aldi has awarded XPO Logistics a multi-million-pound contract to wash and repair reusable transit packaging from its UK stores.

In a collaborative arrangement with other XPO Logistics customers, approximately 22m Aldi plastic crates are expected to be processed each year through XPO Logistics tray wash centres. Under the terms of the agreement, XPO Logistics is to take additional responsibility for the processing of beverage trays, universal display pallets (UDPs), potato shippers and fresh produce and meat shipping containers annually for Aldi.

The contract is due to be serviced by XPO Logistics regional facilities in Falkirk, Rochdale, Doncaster, Bristol and Dagenham. Consolidated items are to be washed, inspected and returned back into the supply chain. Repairs are also expected to be carried out as necessary.

Danny Gibson, Corporate Logistics Director at Aldi, said, “With its expertise in managing a wide range of returnable transit packaging, and its extensive tray wash service capabilities, XPO Logistics more than meets our requirements for a high quality, reliable solution.” He added, “The strategic location of XPO Logistics centres throughout the UK will enable us to achieve greater cost efficiencies and further reduce our road miles to improve our environmental footprint.”

Source: XPO Logistics