Wincanton trials LNG powered truck as part of commitment to alternative fuels

Wincanton is trialling an LNG powered vehicle as part of its general haulage fleet. The gas-powered Volvo FH LNG 460 is being trialled as part of Wincanton’s ongoing commitment to exploring alternative fuels.

Data from the trial, collected through an in-cab telematics system, will be scrutinised by the Wincanton technical team and fed back to Volvo as part of the ongoing development of the vehicle.

Carl Hanson, Wincanton’s Group Fleet Director, commented: “As a business, we are constantly reviewing new technologies which come on to the market. Alongside investing in electric vehicles, which we are trying out for our home delivery services, we are also reviewing the merits of gas-powered trucks. This trial will give us an insight into the performance, cost and suitability of the Volvo vehicle and inform our future investment options.”

Source: Wincanton