Wincanton and Waitrose extend partnership with new five-year contract


Wincanton and Waitrose & Partners have extended their partnership with a new five-year contract, which will see Wincanton continue to manage the storage and distribution of wines and spirits for Waitrose & Partners from its bonded warehouse facility in Greenford, London. This is an exciting development for both companies, as they have been collaborating for the past 25 years.

The partnership will see Wincanton delivering some 13 million cases of wines and spirits for Waitrose & Partners each year to its network of 329 shops, including 59 convenience shops, as well as to its dedicated online wine ordering site, Waitrose Cellar, and 27 Welcome Break motorway service locations. Wincanton’s role will be to coordinate the delivery of these products with efficiency and accuracy, ensuring that Waitrose’s customers can enjoy their wines no matter when or how they choose to shop.

In addition to managing the delivery of products, Wincanton has also invested in a new warehouse management system that will improve efficiency and accuracy, benefiting Waitrose & Partners. This new system will allow Wincanton to better manage and coordinate the storage and distribution of wines and spirits, enabling them to provide a higher level of service to their customers.

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