The next generation of logistics start-ups

By Ken Lyon, Ti

In the past, it was only the very large logistics operators that could manage global supply chains. They had the necessary asset base, geographic scope and the workforce required to operate at scale. They also had sophisticated and very expensive, custom technology platforms to ensure efficient operations. It was a scenario where it was impossible for small companies to compete, but as technology has evolved, cracks and disconnects are appearing in these rigid and inflexible operating models.

Consequently, there are large numbers of logistics start-ups that have developed solutions exploiting these cracks and disconnects in existing logistics processes. While many of these companies may misunderstand, or misjudge, the interconnected nature of many supply chain operations, they highlight how quickly new software solutions can be delivered at low cost. This hands considerable advantage to companies able to leverage smart people, operational experience and expertise, with flexible software tools and services.

But who are these companies likely to be? Technology titans, supply chain consultants, or dedicated offshoots of existing logistics players?

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