Global Freight Forwarding Forecasts 2021 – 2025

Ti’s latest market projections reveal the Global freight forwarding market grew 19% in H1 2021, largely driven by impressive growth in North America (22.6%), Asia Pacific (21.8%) and the air freight forwarding market (26%).

Global trade has accelerated significantly this year, but supply chain disruption, capacity constraints and Covid-19 will continue to impact recovery and market growth. As a result, Ti’s CRT21 data projects that the market will be 2.3% larger than it was in 2019. Looking ahead to 2025, growth will continue with the market forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% through to 2025

Our latest whitepaper contains detailed analysis of our new market growth data, including H1 2021 growth figures, full year 2021 projections, and 2025 forecasts. The paper assesses regional performance and how current supply chain constraints will influence recovery over the coming years.

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