Digital Forwarders in European Road Freight

Lorry on motorway in motion

2020 has been a dramatic year for the digital road freight space, we’ve seen the competitive landscape shift with consolidation from the start-ups and a growing uptake of digital services from both start-ups and incumbents.

Ti’s latest market map outlines the different value propositions and strategies of the major digital players, showing you which market segments they are serving and how the value they offer to carriers and shippers is differentiated from traditional road freight operators.

The accompanying profiles of all the major players show you exactly how each company is competing and provide insight into their plans for the future.

The market map is designed to help you understand the new landscape for 2021. As a road freight operator it will help you plan how your business will respond to the challenge of these digital players. For shippers considering using digital road freight services, the market map will show you which companies could use digital capabilities to meet your needs.

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