2023 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index

Nearly 70% of global logistics executives say they are bracing for recession amid higher costs, slowing demand, and ongoing supply chain disruption.

The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index ranks countries for overall competitiveness based on their logistics strengths, business climates and digital readiness – factors that make them attractive to logistics providers, freight forwarders, air and ocean carriers, distributors and investors.

Key Findings:

  • Only 11% say manufacturing footprint in China is the same as before Covid
  • Execs see big benefits for Africa from Free Trade Agreement (AfCTA)
  • China & India rank top 2 of world’s 50 leading emerging markets
  • 90% say their shipping, storage and other logistics costs remain well above pre-pandemic levels
  • 53% of logistics executives say their companies have committed to net-zero emissions
  • 97% indicate that their businesses have been hurt by higher costs or other supply chain challenges as a result of the war in Ukraine

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