2020 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index

Moving into 2020, the world faces a tempestuous economic scene. Tariffs and tensions between the world’s largest consuming and producing nations; an anaemic European Union economy; slowdowns in key developed and emerging economies; and social and political unrest are just some of the factors causing concern for leaders across the logistics industry. 

The 2020 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index assesses and analyses these trends and their effects on 50 of the world’s most promising emerging logistics 

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Inside the Index:

  • Recession risk
  • Overall Dynamics
  • The Top 10 Domestic and International Logistics Opportunities Index
  • Business Fundamentals Index
  • Deglobalisation & Trade Barriers
  • Growth in Emerging Markets
  • The Future of Global Trade
  • SMEs and Megacities

For the past 11 years, Ti has worked with Agility to compile the Emerging Markets Logistics Index. The Index assesses which emerging markets offer the best logistics opportunities through three lenses:

 – A data-based index which ranks 50 of the world’s most promising emerging logistics markets against a range of key variables

– A survey of over 750 logistics executives

 – An examination of the largest and fastest-growing emerging market air and sea trade lanes

The methodology examines three key areas for logistics market development:

 – Domestic Logistics Opportunities

 – International Logistics Opportunities

 – Business Fundamentals

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