Werner announces $2.1bn in revenue for 2017

Werner Enterprises reports stable revenues of $2.46bn in 2019, despite 4% Y-o-Y drop in Q4.

Werner Enterprise’s revenues were 9.4% higher year-over-year in the final quarter of 2017. This led to a 5.4% increase on annual revenues to $2,116.7m. Operating income was 14.0% higher at $143.8m, whilst net income was 156.4% higher at $202.9m. Approximately $110m of Werner’s net income was attributed to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Its Truckload Transportation Services segment registered turnover of $1,635.2m, up 6.6%. Its operating income was $138.1m, up from $107.7m the year before.

Werner Logistics revenues totalled $417.2m, up 0.1%. Its operating income was 138.8% higher at $20.7m.

Fourth quarter 2017 freight demand in its One-Way Truckload fleet was strong. Average revenues per tractor per week increased 4.1% in fourth quarter 2017 compared to fourth quarter 2016 due to a 4.7% increase in average revenues per total mile and a 0.6% decrease in average miles per truck. Growth in shorter-haul Dedicated compared to longer-haul one-way Truckload had a favourable impact on revenue per total mile and an unfavourable impact on miles per truck.

Source: Werner Enterprises