Weetabix’s transport and warehousing business goes to Wincanton


Wincanton will provide transport, warehousing and co-packing services for the Weetabix Food Company. The business takes the form of two separate, five-year contracts.

The Wincanton team will take on the operation of four warehouses where goods are stored and co-packed for retail promotion.  In addition, Wincanton will provide a nationwide transport operation for the delivery, management and transfer of finished goods and stock.

Adrian Colman, CEO of Wincanton said, “We are delighted to have been selected as the Weetabix logistics partner of choice across both transport and warehousing services.”

Weetabix stated, “The Wincanton business was a great fit for us to support our ‘change for better’ ethos. We look forward to this new working relationship and the possibilities it brings.”

Source: Wincanton