Waberer’s International delivers revenue growth of 16.8% in the second quarter of 2018


Waberer’s International Nyrt., one of the European leaders in full truckload transportation, has reported its financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2018. Its revenue increase was roughly in line with Q1, up 16.8% year-over-year. However, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) fell by 14.5% as a result of cost changes.

The company’s international transportation segment managed to generate a revenue increase of 19%. The segment’s revenue growth was led by growing demand in the European FTL (12% year-over year), as well as by the increase in prices (7% year-over-year). Recurring EBITDA was 14% lower than in Q2 2017, as a result of cost pressures and a temporary decrease in truck utilisation.

The regional contract logistics segment’s revenue increased 9% year-over-year. This mainly occurred due to growing warehouse capacity and higher prices. EBITDA declined by 18% in Q2 2018, which Waberer’s said mainly due to an especially strong second quarter last year.

Ferenc Lajkó, Chief Executive Officer of Waberer’s International commented: “The management has initiated several measures to enhance how the Group adapts to a change in the transportation mix that we experienced in the past months, mainly by fine-tuning both our planning engines and internal processes between our sales, planning, and operational functions. These initiatives should lead to improvement in the kilometre performance of the fleet and I see a good opportunity to raise utilisation and operating efficiency above previous levels.”

Source: Waberer’s International