UPS My Choice Service to expand into 96 additional counties

UPS has announced the expansion of My Choice Service to 96 additional countries, bringing the total to 112 served. Entering into countries and regions in Africa, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Central and South America, Middle East, Oceania and Europe, will allow UPS to have access to the world’s most active e-commerce markets in time for holiday shipping season.

The expansion is planned to take place in two phases. The first phase has already been completed, as UPS has managed to bring the service to 48 additional locations worldwide over the summer. Phase two, which includes further expansion into another 48 territories, will be completed by December 31, 2018. 

UPS say the service will also gives customers more visibility during the delivery process, whether and however consumers receive their packages.

“Every UPS My Choice user will have access to e-mail notifications that a delivery is on its way, an alert the day before delivery with a delivery-window estimate, notification that package is out for delivery, and a notification that delivery is completed,” commented Nando Cesarone, President of UPS International. “With this expansion, shippers can benefit from fewer customer inquiries and missed deliveries, while consumers enjoy increased visibility and, in many cases, the opportunity to adjust delivery dates and locations.”

Source: UPS