UPS donating respirator masks to Kentucky hospitals


UPS has announced the donation of 10,000 N95 respirator masks to hospitals across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. UPS reported it has procured a sufficient supply to meet internal needs and is sharing its available masks to help protect healthcare providers in Louisville and in hospitals state-wide. Louisville is the home to UPS Worldport, the company’s global, all-points air hub.

“For more than 30 years, Louisville has been home to Worldport and UPS Airlines, and there are more than 32,000 dedicated UPSers across the Commonwealth. We are grateful for the opportunity to help the doctors, nurses and others who are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus pandemic in Kentucky,” UPS Airlines President Brendan Canavan said.

UPS procured the masks from a variety of sources and has the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to protect its employees, while also being able to donate hospital-grade protective equipment to healthcare providers.

The 10,000 masks were delivered Monday to Kentucky’s Emergency Management Agency in Frankfort for distribution to hospitals state-wide.

Source: UPS