UPS collaborates with HerdX

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UPS has announced that it is collaborating with HerdX Inc, a US-based agri-tech solutions provider, to deliver blockchain-verified traced beef from a US farm to Japan.

According to UPS, the market for traceability and verification tools has increased as consumers demand to know more about the food they consume. Technology companies, government agencies and academic institutions have been working to standardise the process, but no known global standard exists to date.

UPS and HerdX have collaborated to develop tracking and traceability technology that aims to improve quality assurance for beef products being shipped internationally. UPS created a visibility tool that plugs into HerdX’s blockchain technology, providing live updates and data points throughout the journey.

“Blockchain verification for international air freight shipments is complex and requires a great amount of expertise in customs and freight forwarding. Getting it right has implications for many industries, such as restaurants, food & beverage, and retail,” said Romaine Seguin, President of UPS Global Freight Forwarding.

The shipment of beef left Kansas the week commencing November 4th, 2019, wrapped in UPS Temperature True packaging, a cold chain thermal management solution that features temperature-sensitive air freight containers. The packaging contained sensors that monitored and recorded the shipment’s temperature from origin to destination. Data sourced via UPS Temperature True monitoring devices was uploaded and integrated within HerdX’s blockchain verification platform. All non-domestic HerdX products moving forward will now feature similar verification.

UPS customs brokers coordinated with health, food and safety regulators in both the US and Japan to obtain all required certifications that made the delivery possible.

Source: UPS


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