Unilever partners with Logista Pharma to launch new division of healthcare products

NACEX has obtained the TAPA FSR – Level “A” goods security certification for its Cosalada Hub, passing the external audit by SGC.

Unilever has selected Logista Pharma to be responsible for the distribution of its new Pharmacy division (U-Labs) products in Spain.

U-labs will begin operating in pharmacies through two oral health brands acquired in 2019 – Fluocaril and Parogencyl – two brands in Spain, which are said to have a good penetration in the Spanish market.

Fluocaril was launched in 1947 in France as the first fluoride-containing toothpaste, with unique bi-fluoride formulations and unique brand positioning to combat caries.

Parogencyl, a specialist gum care brand designed to address specific gum problems with a unique treatment and prevention regime.

The Unilever group is producing and selling nearly 400 brands in more than 190 countries and employing more than 160,000 people. In 2019 the group had a turnover of €52.000m, of which €538m were in Spain.

Logista Pharma is the Pharmaceutical Distributor specialised in Hospitals and Pharmacies, in Spain and Portugal, and states to currently be working with more than 200 client laboratories.

Logista Pharma relies on the transport companies of Logista, Nacex, Integra2 and Logesta, for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, ensuring full operational integration, physical and thermal traceability in real time, with quality standards and the use of information systems.

Logista states it is the distributor of products and services to local businesses (kiosks, service stations, pharmacies, hospitals, tobacconists, etc.) in southern Europe, reaching around 250,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, thus facilitating access to the market for all types of products.

Source: Logista