trans-o-flex presents new strategy for pharma logistics

Trans-o-flex has started construction for a new logistics centre in Hessen and is intended to increase efficiency of the Express and ThermoMed networks.

trans-o-flex has announced that it plans to convert all of its network’s logistics activities to be fully, actively temperature controlled by the end of 2017, including temperature documentation. The company will exclusively use temperature controlled vehicles for deliveries.

In addition, the company will also digitalise its entire operation. trans-o-flex’s CEO said, “First, we will eliminate all remaining manual data entry steps and install a standardised tamper-proof data and shipment flow along all transport systems and product groups, which enables us to provide information within one system, fully transparent and almost in real-time. Finally, we will certify this unique system as a whole, thus making it verifiable at any time and providing the basis for its continuous improvement.”

The upshot will be that trans-o-flex customers will be able to get all relevant information about their shipments in one system, even if the shipments belong to two different temperature ranges and are, for reasons of transport optimisation, forwarded in two separate networks.  

Overall, the expansion plans of trans-o-flex are associated with investments of more than €56m in IT, vehicles, transhipment centres and staff training.

Commenting on the strategy, trans-o-flex’s CEO remarked, “The trend that ambient is going to be the new pharma standard has become irreversible. This is why we have decided to use exclusively fully temperature-controlled vehicles for our deliveries.”  

Source: trans-o-flex