trans-o-flex orders 240 new vehicles in preparation for diesel driving bans

Trans-o-flex has started construction for a new logistics centre in Hessen and is intended to increase efficiency of the Express and ThermoMed networks.

The trans-o-flex Logistics Group has ordered 240 new transporters, trucks and trailers, all of which will be delivered this year.

Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex, commented: “On the one hand, we are investing in our vehicle fleet in order to modernise it and to provide the capacity for further shipment growth. On the other hand, this order also helps us get prepared for an extension of the diesel driving bans.”

This is why the company ordered diesel engines that meet the latest emission standards and will, therefore, not be affected by driving bans as things stand at present.

“We would like to use electric vehicles”, adds Albeck. “However, our tests last year showed that, especially for the temperature-controlled vehicles we need, the limited range makes the practical use unfeasible and uneconomical at the moment.”

The first deliveries using electric vehicles will be made in the fourth quarter of 2019. The delivery vehicles concerned will presumably be without active temperature control of the loading space.  

The ordered vehicles are exclusively thermo-vehicles with a special body. There are 150 transporters (3.5-ton transporters from Mercedes-Benz) and 35 trucks (14-ton trucks and 5-ton trucks from Iveco). These are two-chamber vehicles in which the goods can be transported in two temperature ranges (2 to 8 °C and 15 to 25 °C). In addition to this, 55 thermo trailers will be ordered for regular traffic (single-chamber system). All vehicles have been certified to pharmaceutical standards and can therefore be used immediately for the transport of pharmaceuticals.

Source: trans-o-flex Logistics Group