Ti & Bolloré Webinar: The Future Of Freight Forwarding In A Post-Covid World

Listen to Ti experts discuss the key findings from our latest survey of 400+ industry professionals, The Future Of Freight Forwarding In A Post-Covid World, in collaboration with Bolloré. 


Key Findings:

  • Covid-19 will encourage deglobalization – 39% of respondents agree that Covid-19 will lead to the end of globalization and more local supply chains.
  • Covid-19 has accelerated the shift away from air freight – 28% of respondents will move away from air freight in favour of other transport modes.
  • Over-reliance on geographic locations is a weakness that needs addressing – 31% of respondents planning on identifying alternate sourcing locations.
  • Demand for real-time visibility will be a huge priority for 2021/2022 – a remarkable 76% of respondents believe the crisis has increased their demand for real-time visibility. 
  • There will be greater use of digital offerings and the spot market – 25% of respondents will use more digital logistics in the future, 64% plan to make more use of the spot market


Hosted by: Ti’s Head of Commercial Development, Michael Clover.

Presented by: Ti’s Head of Research Nick Bailey and Research Analyst Dila Cebeci