Logistics Technology Trends in 2020, Ti Whitepaper by Ken Lyon


Ti’s latest whitepaper looks ahead at 5 logistics technology trends which are enabling smaller organizations to become increasingly competitive with large industry incumbents.

The whitepaper contains analysis of these key trends:

  • Cyber 4PLs
  • Digital Retail Studios
  • Sharing will be key
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Chains
  • Voice Controlled Devices

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Trend 1: Cyber 4PLs

As technology has evolved logistics start-ups have developed solutions to rival the incumbent’s technological edge quickly and at much lower cost. 

These more agile companies that provide only digital services, and are unrestrained by assets and long term investments, will then be able to create customer centric solutions for new manufacturing and retail models faster and win the contracts of the future.

So these are the entities we believe will thrive as the cyber 4PLs.

Trend 2: Digital Retail Studios

Bricks and mortar stores are increasingly under threat.

One approach that has been suggested, is that unused outlets be transformed into retail ‘studios’ where, apart from the essential structure, everything is digital with the capacity to show off limited stock for customers to touch and feel.

This would mean a move away from large scale retail store distribution and to a model more similar to e-commerce deliveries for these retail studios.

We believe that over the next 12 months examples of Digital Retail Studios will be seen.

Trend 3: Sharing will be key

Technology is enabling numerous start-ups to develop new businesses that focus on leveraging under-utilized assets by managing them as shared resources that can be hired by the hour.

This opens up new opportunities for LSPs to organise and facilitate the movement of assets to where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

Trend 4: Electric Vehicle supply chains

This may be a controversial statement…  In ten years the main subassembly for vehicles in many markets (incl UK) will come from China. If this comes to pass, it reduces existing pan European automotive supply chains into irrelevance.

As a result, many existing European automotive giants are considering who they are, what they do and who will be their customers in future.

Trend 5: Voice controlled devices

Major cloud service platforms are now making the systems that underpin ‘Alexa’, and others, available as services that can be integrated into standard operating applications and LSPs are beginning to integrate these into their customer interfaces.

Over the next year, we expect that an increasing number of voice controlled services will be available across the logistics technology landscape. 


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