Swissport introduces self-check-in for air freight


Swissport has launched a global initiative to speed up air freight handling processes at its cargo warehouses by introducing newly developed self-check-in kiosks.

Swissport’s cargo business at Brussels Airport was the first to implement the new service, followed by Amsterdam Airport. Swissport will roll out the kiosks across all core cargo stations within the next 24 months. Swissport wants to reduce waiting times and, increase the quality of the air freight documentation.

After the drivers register and identify at the kiosk with an official ID or passport, they can scan all relevant air freight documentation. They then receive a text message with the information at which truck gate they must drop their cargo. Shipping information can also be entered via a Kiosk-Web Portal by the forwarders directly. Furthermore, customers may link their IT systems via an API interface to Swissport’s database. During the documents check, the kiosk system, which is connected to the EU Regulated Agent database, also checks the security status of every shipment.

“Our new kiosks support the paperless eFreight initiative by IATA and at the same time accelerate the import and export processes for our customers significantly. Truck drivers benefit from minimal wait times and faster turnarounds,” said, Hendrik Leyssens, Vice President Global Operations Cargo at Swissport International.

Source: Swissport