Swiss Post has announced it will deliver letters and parcels in the major cities of Zurich and Bern exclusively with electrically powered vehicles from now on. Mail carriers in the two cities will deliver letters and parcels carbon-neutrally with a total of 568 electric vehicles owned by Swiss Post. The electric scooters and delivery vans will also keep traffic noise down. These include 374 electric scooters and 194 electrically powered delivery vehicles. The electricity for the vehicles is obtained fully from renewable power sources in Switzerland, ensuring Swiss Post provides more sustainable transport in the cities. From 2030, Swiss Post hopes that its entire delivery fleet will be powered by alternative drive systems, i.e. using electricity entirely from renewable energy sources such as eco-electricity.

Swiss Post is now delivering around 40m parcels electrically every year. 7.9m parcels are delivered per year in the city of Zurich alone, while 3.4m parcels are delivered in the city of Bern. Of the approximately 450 delivery points operated by Swiss Post throughout Switzerland, around 140 are currently fully equipped with charging stations.

Swiss Post has been working on electrifying its delivery vehicles since 2010. Today, the fleet comprises a total of around 7,230 electric vehicles, which are in use at all Swiss Post locations. Around 6,000 three-wheeled fully electric scooters have been used for delivery since 2017. Around 500 four-wheeled electric delivery vehicles are also in use for the delivery of parcels, and increasingly for letters. In addition, approximately 650 electric vehicles are used at Swiss Post in a variety of areas. These vehicles are not used for delivery but by technicians, for example, towing vehicles or forklifts. There will be almost 4,000 additional delivery vehicles in Switzerland by 2030 at the latest. Swiss Post is gradually equipping its delivery locations with electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure.

Source: Swiss Post