Swiss Post announces plans to streamline letter processing in Berne

Swiss Post has announced that it intends to run only one operating unit for letter processing in the Berne area in future. The move is in response to Swiss Post’s falling letter volumes and increasing cost pressure. Subject to the results of the consultation process, around 15 full-time equivalent positions may be lost. The company does not intend to make any staff redundant.

Swiss Post currently runs three operating units for letter processing in the Berne area: a Logistics Centre for Letter Processing (LCLP) in Ostermundigen with 96 staff (69 full-time equivalents); a delivery office in Ostermundigen with 102 staff (87 full-time equivalents); and a delivery office in the city of Berne with 175 staff (154 full-time equivalents).

Due to falling letter volumes and increasing cost pressure, Swiss Post plans to consolidate the locations. Work at the Ostermundigen LCLP is expected to be integrated into Härkingen letter centre and Berne delivery office by mid-2018. There are also plans to reallocate the jobs in the Ostermundigen delivery office to existing operating units in the Berne area. This is expected to be completed by the end of November 2019.

Swiss Post has initiated the consultation process prescribed by law in relation to the planned discontinuation of the affected organizational units in Ostermundigen. The process is expected to be completed at the beginning of September 2016 and will then be analysed. Once this stage is complete, Swiss Post make a final decision on whether the locations will be consolidated.

If they are to be streamlined, around 15 full-time equivalent positions may be lost. Swiss Post stated that the impact of the plans on its customers would be only slight and that the range of services offered would not change. The counter for business customers will remain in Ostermundigen.

Source: Swiss Post


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