STEF launches ‘STEF Europe’ international temperature controlled road freight service

STEF has decided to consolidate all its operations in international road transport under one brand: STEF Europe.

It will have two offers, Export and Import, for both refrigerated and frozen goods. Export covers 15 destination markets in Europe, while Import covers 11 origin countries. STEF claims that the service will offer potential access to over 70% of European consumers and over 60% of European food suppliers.

Jean-Pierre Pastor, Director of Sales for European flows at STEF Transport France, commented, “The density of the STEF network in Europe enables us to serve every destination without delay, simply and efficiently. The offers of STEF Europe Export and STEF Europe Import perfectly meet the present needs of our clients, and provide them a good opportunity to enter new markets and find new suppliers. Lastly, proximity is one of the key features of this offer: every STEF site will support its clients in their European development projects.”

The STEF Europe concept will be supported by a network of 219 sites, including 15 flow consolidation centres as well as specialised partners.

Source: STEF