4 years ago, digital freight forwarding was a key ‘disruptor’ and was about to change the market fundamentally…

…now most of us are sure it’s changed the market, but so far, only how a small proportion of the market accesses forwarding services.

At Ti we wanted to drill into this, so we ran some interviews to help find out how far digital freight forwarding has moved along for our new report, Global Freight Forwarding 2018.


We spoke to leading freight forwarders, prominent spot market platforms and digital/online forwarders, as well as a range of senior industry figures, so we could make a judgement on some key questions like:

  • Have digital forwarders taken a significant share in the freight forwarding market?
  • How great a share could digital forwarders take?
  • What kind of shippers are using digital platforms?
  • Why are they choosing to use digital forwarders?
  • What is the margin on the volumes being managed by digital forwarders?
  • Will digital forwarding lead to the loss of all margins on transportation? Leaving forwarders to make money on value added services only?
  • Should traditional forwarders be concerned about the loss of volumes, and are they?
  • What are traditional forwarders doing to retain their market shares?
  • Will all forwarders become digital forwarders?

Some of the findings matched our expectations, some of them changed our view of the marketplace. 

If you would like to find out what’s changed, then take a look at the report:

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Or you can ask me, I’ll be happy to talk you through it.


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