Sinoair partners with WebCargo by Freightos

Sinoair has partnered with WebCargo by Freightos to launch an air cargo eBooking platform.

Sinoair has announced shippers will now be able to pull global contract rates, get dynamic pricing or request ad-hoc, receive instant booking confirmation from over 10 airlines integrated with Freightos. The partnership aims to grow Sinoair’s online shipments to millions annually.

With this move, Sinoair introduces the world’s first direct to customer air eBooking platform. Unlike existing eBooking platforms which cater specifically to the freight forwarding community, Sinoair offers both agents and shippers all eBooking benefits.

“Sinoair is proud to be leading the air cargo industry online and continuously raising the bar. As Asia’s top air freight forwarder, we take our responsibility to provide a best-in-class air cargo experience for all our customers seriously. Freightos is our trusted partner enabling us to offer eBooking to all, something the air cargo industry has never seen before,” said Sinoair Deputy General Manager, Mr. Liu Xin-Yang.

Source: Freightos